Judicial Orders

Civil Appeal No. 1933 of 2022 (Tata Power Transmission vs MERC & Ors)

By -Supreme Court (23 Nov 2022)
The petition was against a decision of Maharashtra SERC (MERC) dated 21 March 2021, under which MERC granted a transmission licence to AEMIL for setting up a 1000 MW HVDC (VSC based) link between 400 kV MSETCL Kudus and 220 kV AEML Aarey EHV Station. While upholding MERC’s decision, the Supreme Court had directed all State Regulatory Commissions to frame Regulations under Section 181 of the Act on the terms and conditions for determination of tariff within three months from the date of the judgment.

Case of protecting GIB and Lesser Florican in the state of Rajasthan and Gujarat

By - Supreme Court (19 Apr 2021)
The petitioner sought directions to protect the two bird species, which including steps like no permission to install overhead power lines and no construction of windmills and installation of solar infrastructure in priority and potential habitat as identified by the Wildlife Institute of India. SC has directed the respondents to convert overhead transmission lines to undergroudn cables, wherever feasible and install bird diverters on power transmission lines.

RE Curtailment in Tamil Nadu

By - APTEL(2 Aug 2021)
APTEL set aside order dated 25.03.2019 passed by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission in Petition M.P. No. 16 of 2016 to the extent of denial of deemed generation charges / compensation for issuing backing down instructions to Solar power generators for reasons other than the grid security. APTEL has also detailed on what will not be considered as a reason for grid security in order to justify RE curtailment and how such incidences will be treated for compensation to RE generators.