Prayas (Energy Group)

Prayas (Energy Group), or PEG, is a non-profit research organisation based in Pune, India. PEG has been active in furthering public-interest in the energy sector through analysis-based policy and regulatory engagement since 1990. It has made significant contributions to the Indian energy sector through its comprehensive and analytically sound approach to issues. PEG uses diverse tools (research, developing innovative policy proposals, data and knowledge sharing activities, modelling, research publications etc.) and works with various stakeholders such as policy-makers and governance institutions, citizens’ groups, researchers, think-tanks and academic institutions.

Idam Infrastructure Advisory Pvt. Ltd.

Idam Infrastructure Advisory Pvt. Ltd. (Idam Infra) is a company engaged in advising Project Developers, Electricity Regulatory Commissions, Government Departments and Ministries, Foundations, Lenders, Banks and Financial Institutions and Multilateral/Bilateral Agencies on a wide range of issues in the power sector. Idam Infra has extensively worked on various aspects around transmission policy, transmission regulations, transmission licensing, transmission access rules, transmission capacity usage and pricing framework thereof. Since its inception in 2007, the team at Idam Infra has gathered a multitude of experience along with rich insights in policy formulation and analysis, regulatory framework design, commercial diligence, financial structures and corporate strategic aspects across the value chain of the energy infrastructure, especially in the power transmission sector.